Next Quarterly Program:

MAY 20, 2017, 9am-1:30pm

Each quarterly WAC program is an open
meeting for meeting fellow fiber and
wearable artists, enjoying a guest
presenter, and showing and sharing of
beautiful wearable art.

Guest Speaker: GERI FORKNER

Presentation: LIGHT UP YOUR ART

Geri Forkner is a multi media fiber artist based in East Tennessee
​who enjoys using traditional fiber processes in unique ways to express ideas about life.  As well as constantly honing her skills as a weaver and felt maker, she recently
jumped into the world of electronic
​textiles, a high tech process now
accessible to fiber artists. She uses
programmable lights to draw
people further into her artwork.
This newest passion, the
innovative world of wearable
technology, and her long term love
affair with traveling to find
traditional weaving will be
combined in one thought
​provoking program.  She will show you traditional weaving from her travels and pieces they inspired, and just enough e-textiles to raise your curiosity.
For more info look at her website at: www.weavingschool.wordpress.com

Program Agenda

9 - 10 am Vendor Marketplace and Check-In

10 - 10:30 Business and Leadership Reports

10:30am - noon  Speaker Presentation

Noon - 1:00pm drawing & Member Show-n-Share 

Entrance fee: members free, Non-members free the first time there after $25, $5 for students.

Pictures from the Feb. 2017 Workshop - LAURA ROVEDA: SAORI WEAVING. Happy weavers: Betty McCartney Melanie Little, Rita Krieger, Myrna Elliott, Dassi Pintar and Rachel Williamson


WORKSHOP – MAY 21, 2017

Click here for workshop details

Member Challenge 2017

"Unconventional Materials" - Things you wouldn't buy in a fabric store.
​Requirements: Open only to WAC members in good standing. Nov. 2017 afternoon program.

Winner of Challenge 2016

Pat McKenna for the "Upcycle" challenge

Member Show-n-Share

Join us as we celebrate our members sharing their own fine creations using new techniques, workshop skills, and top creative talents found in the wearable art field today.

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