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Past Workshops:


  • AUG 2017 MARLA KAZELL - FABRIC COLLAGE A LA KOOS WORKSHOP: Bias Tape, Origami patches, splicing and more. 
  • MAY 2017 GERI FORKNER – Sewing Bling: Introduction to Electronic Textiles, Nuno felting & LED lights www.weavingschool.wordpress.com
  • NOV 2016 PAM McCLAIN BECHILL - Up Cycling: saving the planet one shirt at a time
  • AUG 2016 DIANE RICKS – 10 (or more) Tricks for Embellishing
  • MAY 2016 DASSI PINTAR -Fiber Art and Ecoprinting/Botanical  Printing on Natural Fibers
  • FEB 2016  ELLEN HAUPTLI - Kantha Scraps to Whole Cloth
  • NOV 2015 NANCY WARD - The Upcycled Tee Demo
  • AUG 2015 NICK COMAN - Ice dyeing
  • May 2015 YOUNGMIN LEE: "BOJAGI" - We learned how to make a Koren Wrapping Cloth with small pieces of fabric.
  • FEB 2015 JAN BONES: Jan showed us how to re-create our bodies in paper to create an inexpensive dress form.
  • NOV 2014 PAT CONGLETON: We learned how to repurpose sweaters into a sweater coat.
  • MAY 2014 GERI FORKNER: Geri taught us how to create unusual textures and shapes using nuno, or laminated felt, and the shrinking properties of silk and wool.
  • FEB. 2014 BRECIA KRALOVIC-LOGAN: Brecia taught how to dye silk with natural dyes to create warm colors.
  • NOVEMBER 2013 JENNIFER RAPACKI: In November, Jennifer Rapacki taught a one day workshop on using Photoshop Elements for Quilters and Sewers. We learned How to edit our photos to get the best effects possible when Printing on fabric. She also covered how to make custom fabrics from photos.
  • AUGUST 2013 TRISH LANGE: Trish taught many wet- and needle-felting techniques over 2 days and participants went home with exciting felting experience and projects from jewelry to scarves and purses. See felting resources at http://www.wearableartconnection.org/id39.html.
  • MAY 2013 JULIANNE BRAMSON AND SUSAN LENAHAN: Julianne and Susan's extensive knowledge of working in the bias was magical.  They shared many techniques for working with bias and shared how to work with their patterns.
  • FEB. 2013 JO FITSELL: Jo shared her unique marbeling techniques for fabric and paper. 
  • NOV. 2012 PAT ROLLIE: Pat taught us a technique for painting fiber reactive dyes onto fabric and free motion quilting. 
  • AUG. 2012 MARY LOU RANKIN: Mary Lou showed us how to make a pattern for a top that fits and adjuts the fit to keep the comfort. 
  • MAY 2012 LINDA SCHMIDT: Linda showed us quilting and surface design techniques. 
  • FEB. 2012 NICK COMAN: Nick taught us how to produce a custom pattern for a pair of pants that fit. 
  • NOV. 2011 SARAH H. JACKSON: We learned how to re-mix a T-shirts into a pieced T-shirt. 
  • AUG. 2011 WANDA MATJAS: Wanda taught us how to make a coiled necklace. 
  • MAY 2011  YVONNE LEWIS: Millinery is the art of making hats. She showed us how to make a straw hat. 
  • FEBRUARY 2011 DORI GILBERT: Dori gave us a marketing overview of how to sell your work on the internet. 
  • NOVEMBER 2010 SUZI CLICK: Suzi taught us that we can wear our wearable art every day. For more info: www.suziclick.com 
  • AUGUST 2010 SHERRILL KAHN: Sherrill shared with us many mixed media techniques on fabric and paper. For more info: www.impressmenow.com  
  • MAY 2010 DOSHI: Doshi showed us traditional shibori techniques of stitching, knotting and pole wrapping. For more info: www.doshifiberart.com
  • FEBRUARY 2010 LINDA MERRIFIELD: Linda showed us how to make thread paintings with free motion machine embroidery.   
  • NOV. 2009 SUZANNE PERILMAN: Suzanne taught us how to make and use silk screens.
  • AUGUST 2009 MARGOT SILK FORREST: Margot taught us how to paint, bead, dedeck and embellish our shoes.  For more info visit her website at: www.sassyfeet.com 
  • MAY 2009 MARCY TILTON: Marcy taught us how to make “THE ARTY T-SHIRT” with stencils, cuts and inserts. For more info visit her website at: www.marcytilton.com
  • FEBRUARY 2009 JUNE COLBURN: June showed us how to paper piece her beautiful Madam Butterfly Shawl. For more, visit www.junecolburn.com