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Hand Quilting

Janet Tranberger

This sampler was made by layering thin polyester batting (specifically developed for clothing) between two layers of white cotton fabric. A traditional feathered wreath quilting design was drawn on the top layer using a wash away marker. The design was then stitched using:

  1. white cotton quilting thread (the traditional quilting choice)
  2. variegated polyester thread
  3. red cotton quilting thread
  4. gold metallic thread

This sampler demonstrates that multiple options exist for thread choice in traditional hand quilting. Beads added with each stitch could be another option. The basic idea of hand quilting is to have small, consistently sized stitches, which hold the three layers together, consistency really being the most important aspect. Sashiko (Japanese quilting) is usually made with thicker thread and thus larger stitches; but consistency is still important.