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Hand Painted Batting

Justine Limpus Parish

This technique was used on my two Fairfield Fashion Show garments shown in the exhibition. I paint on Soft Touch Cotton Batting made by Fairfield using Metallic Textile paint from Jacquard Products.


  1.  Use Soft Touch Cotton Batting by Fairfield .   
  2. Fuse batting to an interfacing using and iron on fusible. The weight of the interfacing depends on the strength needed and the size of the batting piece.   
  3. Prepare batting: Wet batting with spray bottle of water.  This will make painting easier.    
  4. I use metallic textile paint because I like the shine. You can use any textile paint or dye because this batting is 100% cotton.     
  5. I use large 3” utility  brushes, and smaller synthetic white sable round watercolor brushes. Do not use expensive red sable brushes as the paint, which is basically an acrylic, will destroy your brush.    
  6. The paint can be thinned down with water to blend or put on thicker and scrubbed in to fill in the fibers. The more paint you put on, the more it protects the fibers of the batting.    
  7. Heat set the paint with a hot iron. After setting the paint, the batting may resemble faux leather, if there is enough paint on it.