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Lower left hand corner has been turned over to show back side of sample.

Fusible Crazy Quilt

Kristine Kadlec

The Crazy Quilt Fusible Method uses the piecing technique originated by Judith Baker Montano whereby a five-sided piece of fabric is then surrounded by smaller pieces. But this method does not utilize a foundation backing and is normally embellished with machine stitching.

Only geometric shaped, no curved, pieces of fabric are used and each piece is backed with iron-on interfacing. The edges are trimmed to create a clean, straight line and then sewn to the adjoining piece.

Once the entire piece is created and completed, zigzag stitching is applied to the right side of the finished seams. The ends of the thread are pulled to the wrong side and tied into a knot.

This method creates a stiffened, finished fabric and is suitable for home furnishings such as pillows and placements and for fashion accessories such as purses, hats, and belts.