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Free Lace

Donna Sebastian of Sebastians Designs

Free lace is a process of making a very open weave fabric using decorative yarns, ribbons, and thread that are sewn together using a grid pattern. It is a fairly easy process, but does take time to sew the grid pattern. The resulting fabric may be used as scarves or incorporated into clothing. Many different effects can be achieved depending upon the choice of materials and pattern of placement. Three variations of this technique are shown here.

  1. An assortment of yarns, ribbons, and threads in your choice of colors.
  2. Thread for sewing grid pattern
  3. Wash Away Extra - water soluble sticky back. May be purchased online.
  4. Aqua Magic, water soluble stabilizer or Solvy

  1. Remove the protective sheet from the Wash Away Extra.
  2. Place a continuous length of ribbon around the edge of Wash Away. This makes a frame for your project.
  3. Without cutting the ribbon place it within the frame, being careful to connect the frame and ribbon. Continue to fill in the frame with as many trims as desired.
  4. When you are satisfied with the effect, lay a piece of Aqua Magic or Solvy over the entire work, pressing it firmly to the sticky surface.
  5. Sew a line around the frame and then begin the grid pattern and continue without breaking the thread. Space lines 1/2 to 5/8 inch apart. It is important to connect the grid to the frame.
  6. Once the grid is sewn soak the piece in water to dissolve the stabilizer. You may need to remove the excess by placing the item in a laundry bag and agitating in a washing machine.
  7. Smooth the item and either hang or lie flat to dry.
  8. When dry, cover with a press cloth and iron.