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The technique samples on this page were all made by WAC members for the "Opulent Splendor" Brand Gallery Exhibition in 2005.

Hand Painted Batting

by Justine Limpus Parish

Hand Quilting

by Janet Tranberger

Machine Fabric Collage

by Ellyn Mosbarger

Shibori Pleats

by Justine Limpus Parish

Silk Painting and Salt

by Lucilla Warren

Silk Screen

by Joanell Connelly


by June Hiatt


by Lucilla Warren


by Lucilla Warren

Velvet Embossing

by Diane Ricks

Waste Canvas Embroidery

by Janet Tranberger

Free Lace

by Donna Sebastian

Fusible Crazy Quilt

by Kristine Kadlec


by Joannell Connelly

Fabric Roses & Leaves

by Diane Ricks


by Anne Sheikh

Fiber Etching/Devoré

by Betty McCartney


by Lucilla Warren


by Valerie Sugar

Digitized Embroidery

by Leslie Peacock

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