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Parts needed for making rose

Fabric Roses & Leaves

Diane Ricks


Cut elliptical petals on the bias in three sizes. For a large rose you will need:

5 Large petals

3 medium petals

3 small petals

Smaller roses will need smaller and fewer petals.


  1. Fold each petal in half lengthwise.
  2. Make two rows of gathering stitches along the raw edge.
  3. Gather the petals up and begin hand stitching to a base of Buckram.
  4. Outer petals first overlapping as you go reducing the center space.
  5. Fill in with petals and finally place a more tightly wrapped small petal into the center.


  1. Use the small petal pattern and cut two for each leaf.    
  2. Stitch with right sides together.    
  3. Make a small slit in one layer and turn to the right side.    
  4. Gently pole out the points.    
  5. Stitch a vein pattern onto the leaf and stitch to the Buckram base.