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Depending upon the brand of embroidery machine the user has, the designs can be modified by changing the size of the design, adding additional designs. There are thousands of designs available online some are free and most are purchased.

Machine embroidery can be done on any fabric – as long as the proper stabilizer is used. Sewing machine manufacturers will recommend the type of stabilizer to be used for the various fabrics.

Digitized Embroidery

Leslie Peacock

The latest sewing craze seems to be the advent of the home embroidery machines. These machines can be a combination sewing machine/embroidery machine, wherein the machine can be set for sewing; or, by attaching a special embroidery unit, home embroidery decoration can be accomplished. There are also just embroidery machines available for home use, too. Both types of machines offer excellent design results, very comparable to professional embroidered items.

This technique is very simple and can be done using commercially digitized designs or if the user has purchased digitizing equipment, one can digitize your own designs from any picture or design. Digitizing your own design is done with software that interfaces with your sewing machine and computer. The designs can be loaded into the embroidery machine by use of an embroidery card, a floppy disk or a memory stick. Most embroidery machines use all three types of memory cards. Machines also have numerous “built-in” designs that are a permanent part of the machine. After the design is loaded into the embroidery machine, there are prompts to show the order the colors of thread are to be used in the design.


  1. Using a stabilizer under the fabric to be embroidered on, the fabric is secured to the embroidery frame and the frame is then attached to the embroidery machine, by inserting the frame in the mounting pins of the embroidery unit.
  2. After the frame is secured into the embroidery unit, you just need to push the start button on the machine and the design will begin to sew on the fabric.   The machine will prompt the user as to when to change the thread color and then the start button is pushed again to continue the process.